Questions asked in an echo chamber risk myopic answers. 

How homogenous are the voices steering your process, and at what cost?

Rather than following a linear or circuitous path, Rachel’s experience diagonals between corporate and non-profit, marketing and performing arts, edgy and high-profile. Through the advantage of her cross-industry range of influence, she uncovers blindspots and illuminates new angles—and makes the journey enjoyable. Rachel’s non-traditional approach elevates conferences & events with engaging, insightful perspectives on these topics:

CREATIVITY: Eliminating the mundane

CULTURE: Experimenting with experience

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Short-cutting through distraction

CHANGE: Identifying the portals

INTUITIVE LEARNING: Rewarding the unlikely

EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS: Locating the timeless


“Personal, honest, lucid, dramatic… amazing delivery.”  

—Tom Goodwin, LinkedIn’s 2017 & 2018 #1 Voice in Marketing

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