Questions asked in an echo chamber risk myopic answers

Hedge against the homogenous with Rachel’s original approach

Rachel elevates any dynamic with engaging, insightful perspectives. Her experience diagonals between corporate and non-profit, marketing and performing arts, edgy and high-profile. Through the advantage of her cross-industry range of influence, she uncovers blindspots and illuminates new angles—all while making the journey enjoyable.  

Choose from these favorite topics or commission specialized content for your public or private event.

CREATIVITY: Eliminating the mundane

CULTURE: Experimenting with experience

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Short-cutting through distraction

CHANGE: Identifying the portals

INTUITIVE LEARNING: Rewarding the unlikely

EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS: Locating the timeless


“Personal, honest, lucid, dramatic… amazing delivery.”  

—Tom Goodwin, LinkedIn’s 2017 & 2018 #1 Voice in Marketing & Social Media

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